DragonLord Enterprises, Inc.

Bringing your dreams home to you.

Established and incorporated in 1996, DragonLord is a small conglomerate of companies with different specialties including
scientific programming, analytics & recommendation engines, robotics, 3D programming, and computer game production.

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The pressure is on in the ultimate mobile challenge as you slide each tile to assemble the picture before time runs out. It’s like a game show that you hold in your hands! Can you beat the clock?

Stone Ring
Stone Ring makes cutting edge games and apps for mobile phones.

Cell Phone Games
Tetris. Cavern Crawl. Mystic I Ching, and more. Developed for cell phone giant Kyocera under tight marketing deadlines. Built-in (embedded) at the factory. Shipped to millions.


Sequoia Consulting
Technical consulting, business coaching, motivation, strategy and success for large and small businesses.

NASA JPL Humanoid Robot
Designing, building, and delivering the entire A.I.-based operating system for a walking, talking humanoid robot, with binocular model-based vision and grasp planning, in under four months start to finish...


Robot Research
Some of the historical work previously accomplished by our staff.

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